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2023 Ferry Schedules

Departure Duration Arrival Company
07:00 0h 25m 07:25 Caremar
08:00 0h 20m 08:20 Alilauro Gruson
08:40 0h 25m 09:05 Caremar
08:55 0h 25m 09:20 Navigazione Libera del Golfo
09:15 0h 20m 09:35 Snav
09:20 0h 20m 09:40 Alilauro Gruson
10:05 0h 25m 10:30 Navigazione Libera del Golfo
10:30 0h 25m 10:55 Alilauro Gruson
11:20 0h 25m 11:45 Alilauro Gruson
12:05 0h 20m 12:25 Snav
13:00 0h 20m 13:20 Alilauro Gruson
13:35 0h 30m 14:05 Caremar
15:20 0h 25m 15:45 Alilauro Gruson
15:28 0h 25m 15:53 Navigazione Libera del Golfo
15:55 0h 20m 16:15 Snav
16:20 0h 25m 16:45 Alilauro Gruson
17:15 0h 20m 17:35 Alilauro Gruson
17:45 0h 25m 18:10 Navigazione Libera del Golfo
18:30 0h 25m 18:55 Alilauro Gruson
18:40 0h 25m 19:05 Caremar

Routes and times are updated in real time

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Things to keep in mind:

  • not all routes are available for online booking; in such cases, tickets can only be purchased offline at the ticket offices
  • the schedules can change without notice
  • in case of bad weather and rough seas, routes can be cancelled altogether
  • that's why a you should always check the schedules shortly before departure (especially if bad weather is announced) or contact the ferry company directly

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