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Villa Rufolo Ravello

Part One: Villa Rufolo to Villa Cimbrone and Back (Approximately 3 hours)

Villa Rufolo There is no better way to begin your tour of Ravello than by visiting the Villa Rufolo. The entrance is on the main square (Piazza Vescovado), just across from the Duomo. You enter through a 13th-century, square Moorish tower. After purchasing your ticket, you walk along an inner pathway until you reach the Moorish Cloister. Best known for its colonnade of pointed arches, the cloister is an outstanding example of the Arabic-Sicilian style of the period. Just a few feet from the Moorish Cloister stands the majestic Torre Maggiore, a large fortress, 30 meters tall, that Wagner said ...
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The Duomo (Cathedral) of Ravello

Part Two: Duomo to Piazza Fontana Moresca and Back (Approximately 2 hours)

The Duomo (Cathedral) The Duomo, which faces the main square, is the spiritual and physical center of Ravello. Built in the 11th century with support from the Rufolo family, the Duomo is a combination of Baroque and Romanesque styles. Dedicated to St. Pantaleone, the church has undergone extensive modifications and restorations over 900 years. Many years ago, for example, a set of columns adorned the front of the church; the current façade dates back to the last major restoration in 1931. Presided over by a bishop, the Duomo enjoyed a high status throughout much of its history. Today, the Duomo ...
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Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer Ravello

Part Three: the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium (Less than 1 hour)

As befits a town known as “la città della musica”, the city of music, Ravello today features a concert hall built by Oscar Niemeyer, the famed Brazilian architect who died in 2012. Constructed in 2011, the glistening white auditorium hosts Ravello’s annual summer music festival, and attracts internationally acclaimed musicians, dance troupes, and performers. The Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium also serves as the town’s art center, offering periodic displays of sculpture and other artistic works. The Auditorium is located on the Via della Repubblica about a hundred meters from the tunnel that leads to the town’s main square, the Piazza Vescovado ...
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