Vineyards among the hills in Ravello

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The Wines of Ravello

No trip to Ravello would be complete without a tasting of the regional wines, including many of the local grape varieties that are unique to the area.

Many of the grapes grown on the Amalfi Coast have ancient lineages that date back to Roman times.

Indeed, Falanghina, one of the most popular white wine varieties, is produced from the famed Falernian grapes so favored by the ancient Romans, but the grape is probably of ancient Greek origin.

Other grape varieties of special interest in the area include Greco di Tufo, another grape of possible Greek origin, and Piedirosso, a dark red grape that is famously grown on the slopes of Vesuvius and the isle of Capri.

Vineyards among the hills in Ravello
Vineyards among the hills in Ravello

The Cantina Episcopio is the oldest and best known of the Ravello vineyards.

Established in 1860 by Pasquale Palumbo, the vineyard has been handed down through four generations to the great grandson, Marco Vuilleumier. The wines of the Cantina Episcopio first received international recognition in 1880, when a submission earned first place in a prestigious London wine tasting.

Today, the vineyard features wines made from local grapes: Ginestrella, Pepella, San Nicola, Biancazita, and Biancatenera for white wines, and Aglianico, Serpentaria, and Piedirosso for red.

Ettore Sammarco, Ravello

Some of the other popular wines produced in Ravello include Selva delle Monache, a crisp white wine produced by Ettore Sammarco, and the red wines produced under the label Vini Gran Caruso.

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