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2024 Ferry Schedule: Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia, Salerno, Sorrento

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There's nothing like arriving on the Amalfi Coast from the sea. After all, this was the only possible way to reach the coast for hundreds of years until roads were carved in the mountains.

On this page you'll find the updated ferry schedule/timetable for all routes related to the Amalfi Coast towns that have ports (Amalfi, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Vietri sul Mare) and connections to Sorrento, Salerno, Naples, Ischia and Capri as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

The schedules are mantained and updated on the latest timetables released by the ferry companies.

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Ferry season on the Amalfi Coast is from late March/April until October. That is, outside of those months, the only routes still running, weather permitting, are between Sorrento, Naples, Capri, Ischia, Procida.

Popular routes:

All the available routes can be checked by using the ferry search feature from the top of the page.

All Routes & Schedules (click to open)

All the available routes can be checked by using the ferry search feature from the top of the page.


When is the ferry season on the Amalfi Coast?

Ferry service on the Amalfi Coast starts in late March, with most companies in full swing by mid-April and lasts until end of October.

What Amalfi Coast towns have ferry service?

In short, the following Amalfi Coast towns have ferry service: Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, Cetara, Minori.

Amalfi and Positano are the most connected and served. Then there's also Maiori and Cetara that are well connected to Amalfi and Salerno. Together with Minori, they also have connections with Capri. The ferry service has significantly improved in recent years and it's more relied upon, as an alternative to the congested road traffic.

Ferry or bus?

It depends on a few factors, but since you're asking us: we always prefer the ferry whenever possible. It's more comfortable, more scenic, can be a lot faster since the road can easily get jammed. If you find you can't stomach the twisting bus ride, the ferry ride will be far more pleasant.

Luggage on ferry?

You can take luggage on the ferry, but please keep in mind that there might be a few euros surcharge for this (€2 per bag).

Ferry prices/distances/time?

The ferry service is rather efficient. Here are some info about the most popular routes:

Should I book in advance?

It's advised to book in advance especially during the months of July and August. Prior to embarking you need to present your voucher at the ticket office to exchange it for a ticket.

Where to sit on the ferry?

You want to be on the side facing the Amalfi Coast. So, this depends on the direction:

  • stay on the left: Sorrento to Positano/Amalfi, Positano/Amalfi to Salerno, Capri to Positano/Amalfi/Salerno
  • stay on the right: Positano/Amalfi to Sorrento, Salerno to Positano/Amalfi, Positano/Amalfi/Salerno to Capri

Is there a ferry from Naples to the Amalfi Coast?

There's no direct ferry service from Naples to the Amalfi Coast. You will need to connect either through Sorrento or Capri.

Ferry to Ravello?

No ferry to Ravello at all. That only leaves the option of a private helicopter transfer to glamorously arrive in Ravello. You can arrive as far as Amalfi by ferry, from which you need to take another means of transport.

Ferry companies operating in Naples Bay

Travelmar +39 089 872950 -

Alilauro +39 081 4972222 -

Alicost +39 089 871483 -

Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) +39 081 5520763 -

PositanoJet +39 089 875032 -

Caremar +39 081 18966690 -

SNAV +39 081 4285555 -

Medmar +39 081 3334411 -

Seremar +39 081 8772621 -

Capitan Morgan +39 081 4972215 -

Laser Capri +39 081 8375208 -